About Us


Highfield Library remains at the heart of academy activity and has a positive impact upon Raising Achievement and Teaching and Learning.

Library Manager
Mrs Angela Beever BA (Hons)


Highfield Library is YOUR library and contains all the resources that are needed both for studying purposes and for reading for pleasure. It is a pleasant and comfortable information centre designed with students in mind. Our positive ethos ensures our library continues to be a unique and special area in which to work. There is always someone here to help pupils and staff with choosing books or for information retrieval – EVERYONE is made to feel VERY WELCOME.

So what is going on?

  • The Library is open throughout the school day.
  • Lessons are booked by staff bringing groups to the Library.
  • Tutor time is used for classes to exchange books.
  • The Library is open at break and lunch times.
  • After the academy day we have a Homework Club which is freely available to all.
  • The Library is well-stocked with up-to-date resources.
  • There are computers in the Library which may be used for homework and research activities.
  • There is a Reading Club and pupils play a big part in the Blackpool Teen Fiction Awards.
  • We have a Library Monitor scheme for pupils interested in library work.
  • There is a Careers Library to enable pupils to access information of Further Education and Career choices.
  • We resource classrooms with book boxes in order that pupils can read in Tutor periods.
  • Library Induction Classes are given to new pupils.
  • We work with other departments for joint activities.
  • We invite poets to Highfield to celebrate National Poetry Week and guest authors for other special events such as World Book Day
  • We host Peer Mentoring programmes in the library whereby older pupils can support younger pupils with any concerns they may have.
  • The Library also organises and runs lots of exciting and interesting activities.


The Library supports children with Special Educational Needs in the academy in many ways.

This is how:

  • Reading Clubs are hosted.
  • Paired reading scheme is supported and hosted.
  • The Library has graded, age appropriate, ‘short’ readers.
  • The Library stocks large print books for visually impaired pupils.
  • The Library seeks to provide interest appropriate books.
  • Pupils are very strongly encouraged to use the library and have sessions to teach them how to use the library effectively.
  • Many pupils with Special Educational Needs are Library Monitors in order to develop self- esteem and confidence.
  • The Library is regarded as a safe haven by many pupils with Special Educational Needs.
  • The ambience, welcome and calm are conducive to needs of vulnerable pupils and pupils with Special Educational Needs and this is an aim of the Library team.

“Extensive reading and exposure to a wide range of texts make a huge contribution to pupils’ educational achievement.”(Reading for Pleasure Policy Statement)