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Moving Up to Secondary School (Transition)

Moving Up to Secondary School (Transition)

Moving Up to Secondary School (Transition)

A very warm welcome to all future Year 7 pupils at Highfield Leadership Academy

At Highfield we understand that your move to secondary school is a big step. Right now, you are probably feeling a mixture of both nerves and excitement about moving to secondary school, but don’t worry, you are not the only one! Every other person in your year group will be feeling exactly the same way – trust us!

At Highfield we have a fantastic transition programme that is designed to help you settle into Highfield. It will help you make new friends, become familiar with your new school, meet your new teachers and teach you about the new subjects you will enjoy at Highfield.

During the summer term we offer lots of after school taster session for all Year 6 pupils who will be joining us in September as well as coffee mornings for mums and dads… we know the transition is hard on you too!

You will also get to know the transition team at Highfield as somebody will be coming to visit you in your primary school.

Also during the summer term all pupils will be invited to our Induction day where you will meet your new tutor and all the other pupils in your tutor group. During the same week we will also hold a Partnership Evening for Parents.

When you start in September you will enjoy a transition programme that gradually eases you into life at the Academy, you will remain in your new tutor group for a few days, experiencing taster lessons while making new friends and trying new subjects.

During this whole process there will be lots of smiling and helpful staff around to support you as you make the move into Year 7.

If you have any queries regarding transition please contact Miss P Rimmer, Assistant Principal on 01253 310925.


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