2016 Pathway Colours

2016 Pathway Colours

The blue and green pathways are very similar in the subjects offered for study: the blue pathway offers the opportunity for pupils to study three separate sciences at GCSE.  All pupils in the blue pathway follow the ‘E-Bacc’ subjects. The yellow pathway provides a focus on the core subjects (English, Mathematics and science) whilst offering an alternative, more vocational curriculum.  All pathways offer routes into further education.

We have moved to a curriculum which is in line with national guidelines and expectations. There is a strong focus nationally on the E-Baccalaureate subjects and this is reflected in the curriculum. We encourage most pupils to study the ‘E-Bacc’ subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Foreign Language and a Humanities subject at GCSE. However, pupils also have the opportunity to study Music, Art, Drama, Technology subjects, PE.

There will be minimal impact on your child and their lessons will still be taught in the same way as they have been this year.  The changes are solely for academy organisational and timetabling purposes.